In 1983, the City of Belle Meade installed gravity sewers and an innovative pressure sewer system with the capacity to serve all Belle Meade households. There are over 900 households on the pressure system that the City maintains. Components of the pressure system include an underground pump station located between the household waste line and the main. The electrical supply and red light (a visual alarm) were installed on a wall of the residence within sight of the pump station. In the event of mechanical failure, the light signals that repairs are needed. Please call City Hall (615) 297-6041 for any repairs that may be needed….24-hour emergency service is available.

All residents with a grinder pump on their property should have a copy of the Policy for Maintenance of Grinder Pump – Pressure Sewer Systems and Customer Agreement. Click here to download the agreement.

For more information on how to report an grinder pump emergency, click here. 

THE WASTEWATER ENTERPRISE FUND was established July 1, 2016 as per TCA 7-34-115, requiring Water and Wastewater facilities to operate as an enterprise.  Rates are set by Resolution, approved by the Board of Commissioners.  Click on the links below for more information.