The Society of Ceres exists to build community by means of preservation, education and beautification of the flora of the city of Belle Meade.

The Society of Ceres was created in 1983 by Mayor Elizabeth Proctor and named after the Roman goddess of horticulture for the purpose of renewing and maintaining the plantings in Belle Meade.

We take great care and pride in continuing to improve the natural beauty, the sense of community, and even the quality of life in Belle Meade. We are dedicated to the preservation, education and beautification of our wonderful Beautiful Meadow.

Beautification Committee Members

Carolyn Sorenson – Carolyn has been a resident of Belle Meade for over 30 years and spent 10 years of her career in environmental preservation working at a non-profit focused on planting and preserving trees. She enjoys the beautiful historic gardens and waterways of Belle Meade and working in her own vegetable garden. When she is not gardening, she enjoys running, golf, snow skiing, travel, and cooking

Carter Dawson – Carter is a native Nashvillian and has lived in her home in Belle Meade for the past 11 years with her husband Chris and two teenage children. She attended LSU for a Masters in Landscape Architecture and is an active member of The Garden Club of Nashville

Chip Wilkison – Chip is a Nashville native who loves to garden on his downtime and care for his three Cavaliers:  Chloe, Thomas and Kate. When not selling houses, you can find him in the park on a trail or walking down his lovely neighborhood streets

Gavin Duke – Gavin is the Principal Landscape Architect at Duke Design Group

Jackie Bellar – Jackie Bellar is a lifelong gardener and enjoys mixing a variety of perennial and annual plants in her garden. She also has a Koi pond with waterfalls. She attended Master Gardening classes and has lived in Belle Meade with her husband Jerry since 1980

Jeffrey Ezell – Jeffrey Ezell is a native Nashvillian who has spent his career working for the environment and to promote conservation and sustainable solutions. Jeffrey is co-owner of The Compost Co., which collects and recycles food scraps and green waste into sustainable soil products in Middle TN.

Jill DeBona – Jill inherited her love of gardening from her mother. She is a Master Gardener, smitten by roses and English Cottage Gardens. As a bird lover, she uses organic practices to protect beneficials and our feathered friends

Lisa Ellis – When Lisa and Junius bought their house, its extensive perennial gardens had been neglected. Lisa has enjoyed bringing the gardens back to beauty and blooming year-round. Annual trips to England to visit significant public and private gardens keep her inspired

Martha Phipps – Martha is a Master Gardener and loves creating English cottage gardens.

She has a special interest in the gardens that surround our beautiful city and has lived in Belle Meade for over 40 years

Michael Dixon – Michael is an enthusiastic lifelong gardener (now, maybe more of a curator) and fortunate owner of a historically significant Belle Meade home – recently refreshed. As a world traveler for both business and pleasure, Michael enjoys coming home to this lovely community and realizes the beauty we enjoy is ‘not included in the tax base’ and can only remain perpetual with thoughtful volunteerism

Laura Katherine Wood – Laura Katherine is an interior designer with a project management background and Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt certification. She was asked to reestablish and chair the Beautification Committee in 2018. She enjoys volunteering for her community and her city

Peter Grimaldi (Advisor) – Peter is the Vice President of Gardens and facilities at Cheekwood where he focuses on maintenance and improvement of the historic estate. Cheekwood is proud to be a good neighbor to Belle Meade and Peter enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the urban forest with the greater community