Pay Traffic Fine

Below are lists of city fines and state fines for various offenses that may be settled before the court appearance day. If you choose to pre-pay, your fine becomes an appearance bond, which you forfeit if you do not go to court. To find the proper amount to pay, look below for your violation and be sure to check which offense you must pay (1st or 2nd offense). Penalties described in the schedule below for second or more offenses apply to all moving violations in Belle Meade within the past 12 months.

Bring or mail your payment along with a copy of the citation to:

City of Belle Meade, Attention Court Clerk
4705 Harding Road, Nashville, TN 37205

Make checks payable to City of Belle Meade. Credit/Debit card payments are accepted in person or online (convenience fee charged for all card payments). Payments made in person are accepted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. For any additional information, please call the Court Clerk.

NOTICE: If you wish to appear in Court and are found guilty, there will be litigation taxes in addition to the fine as shown below. If you fail to appear in Court and payment is not remitted prior to the court date, a default judgment will be entered and the fine will increase. Failure to pay a judgment will result in the suspension of your driver’s license!

Offense 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Careless Driving 135.75 145.75 Court
Passing School bus 135.75 145.75 Court
Speed Restriction 10 to 19 miles over* 135.75 145.75 Court
Speed Restriction 20 to 30 miles over* 145.75 155.75 Court
Stop Sign Violation 135.75 145.75 Court
Traffic Light Violation 135.75 145.75 Court
Improper Lane use 135.75 145.75 Court
Failure to Yield 135.75 145.75 Court
Financial Responsibility** 135.75 145.75 Court
Faulty Equipment 130.75 145.75 Court
Driver License Violation 130.75 145.75 Court
Registration Violation 130.75 145.75 Court
Seat Belt Violation 30.00 55.00 Court
Child Restraint Law 145.75 145.75 Court
Illegal Parking 25.00 25.00 Court
All Other Moving Violations 135.75 145.75 Court
All Other City Ordinances 130.75 140.75 Court

*Includes mandatory state fines as required by TCA Sec. 68-55-301 et seq.

**If you were cited for not having proof of insurance in your vehicle, you must provide proof that you have current valid motor vehicle insurance when the citation was issued. If proof is valid and verified by the Court Clerk, the Clerk may dismiss the offense for no cost.

Due to change in legislation effective July 01, 2009, if you were cited for not having proof of insurance in your vehicle, and you did not have valid motor vehicle insurance at the time the citation was issued, the Clerk’s office does not have the authority to dismiss the offense.