If you live within Belle Meade City limits and you would like the Belle Meade Police Department to conduct routine security checks of your residence while you are away for an extended period of time, please notify the department by submitting the following form. If you have any difficulties completing this form, please call 615-297-0241.

    Please call (615) 297-0241 if you return earlier than indicated.

    Have you filled out another House Check form in the last six months?


    Do you have an alarm service?


    If yes, provide the company's name and phone number.

    Are the interior lights on timers?


    Are the exterior lights on timers?


    Will the mail/newspapers be stopped?


    Doors and windows locked?


    Are there pets around the residence exterior?


    Are there pets around the residence interior?


    Describe any vehicles on the outside of the property. Include make, model, color, and registration if possible. Indicate if the vehicle will be concealed in a garage.

    Will anyone be around the home?


    If yes, who?

    Is the home for sale?


    What is the name of the real estate agent and phone number?

    Where can we reach you?

    Phone where we can reach you

    Does local contact have a key to residence?


    Please read the following statement before submitting this form. The Belle Meade Police Department, per your request, will attempt to check your residence periodically. Neither the city of Belle Meade, nor the Belle Meade Police Department assume any liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to personal or real property in or around your residence. By submitting this form, it is understood and agreed that neither the City of Belle Meade or the Belle Meade Police Department assumes any liability with the "House Check Service." The resident, by accepting the "House Check Service," and by execution of this request understands and agrees to the provisions of this release.

    Release Agreement:

    I have read and understood the release and agree to its provisions.

    The Belle Meade Police Department will not consider any requests without agreement to the release provisions listed above.