Having lived almost 45 years in the city of Belle Meade, I have never once regretted my choice of claiming this city within a city to be the place called home for me and my wife, Patsy, and our three children Ashley, Meredith and Robert. This choice afforded our family the benefits of growing up in a beautiful, safe, family friendly environment while simultaneously guaranteeing top value for home ownership in Nashville’s unparalleled premiere community. I want to protect the quality of life in Belle Meade while at the same time plan for success for the future.

All of us want our voices heard and respected as we travel this road together. I am in the position as a retired successful businessman and business owner to give 100% of my time as a commissioner and to give a financial analysis and financial expertise to our city’s needs and concerns. I know firsthand the value of a dollar and its connection with quality, planning, dependability, cooperation and hard work.  Believe me, I understand what a budget means and what it takes to make it work.  We all want the best bang for our buck while never compromising the safety of our residents.  Along with a Vanderbilt degree in engineering, I also have years of technical and mechanical building expertise.  Likewise, having served on several boards of directors both locally and nationally, I am well acquainted with the infrastructure necessary to work within a group to accomplish our common goals.

I have the time, the training and the experience to guarantee my full attention in safe guarding your investment and addressing your concerns and goals.  The old adage, “where your treasure is, there will be your heart also,” holds true for all of us. Belle Meade is our treasure, and we all have our heart invested in insuring the heritage we have so beloved to entrust it to future generations.

I have enjoyed the last two and one half years serving the citizens of Belle Meade and performing the duties of Vice Mayor the last six months.