Citywide Historic Resources Survey Report

May 18, 2017

Click Here to view the Historic Zoning survey cataloging homes within the City of Belle Meade.

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October 15, 2021

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Ordinance 2020-4, Accessory/Non-Conforming Structures

February 17, 2021

A public hearing will be held at the Board of Commissioners Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 16th at 4:00 p.m. prior to second reading of Ordinance 2020-4, regarding change of legal accessory use and the reconstruction of non-conforming structures.

Read the Public Hearing Legal Notice HERE

Read Ordinance 2020-4 HERE

Read the specific changes to the Zoning Code, Chapter 2, Section 14 HERE

Ord. 2019-11 “Tree Ordinance” Adopted

September 3, 2020

Ordinance 2019-11, Amending Title Twelve of the Belle Meade Code and Adding a new Chapter Five, Adopting Building Regulations for the Management and Protection of Trees, (“Tree Ordinance”) was approved by the Board of Commissioners on second and final reading at their May 20, 2020 meeting.  Click the link to read the entire Ordinance.  For questions and clarifications, please contact the Building Codes Official at 615-297-2364 or

City Hall Re-Opens to Public

June 4, 2020

City Hall will re-open to public access on Monday, June 1st.  However, we encourage citizens and others to continue doing business with the City by phone, email and the City website to make payments, download forms, report concerns and obtain general information.  Please do not come to City Hall if you have a fever or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.  If you must meet with a staff member, please call ahead and make an appointment.  The City requests that visitors wear masks and maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.  There will be a station inside the front lobby with disposable masks if you do not have your own, and hand sanitizer.  The City reserves the right to take the temperature of individual visitors.  For larger group events, such as traffic court or board meetings, it will be a requirement to take everyone’s temperature.  Group events will require social distancing of at least 6 feet.

Operation Blue Light – BMPD

June 3, 2020

The Belle Meade Police Department announces a new program, Operation Blue Light, for Belle Meade citizens who are elderly, living alone or vulnerable, and who may need assistance with medical needs, meals, shopping, transportation, etc. Click HERE for more information about this program and to access the Application form.

Historic Resource Survey Results

March 6, 2020

The staff of the Tennessee Historical Commission conducted a historic resources survey in July and August 2019.  This survey was prepared as an aid to the Historical Zoning Commission, Board of Commissioners and Belle Meade staff as they continue the process of determining the conservation overlay district(s) and developing interim design guidelines.  Click HERE to read the entire report – Historic Resource Survey Results.

Historic Zoning Commission Members Named; Inaugural Meeting Scheduled

November 14, 2019

At a special commissioner meeting on August 27, 2019, the five (5) members of the initial Historic Zoning Commission (HZC) were elected. The initial meeting of the HZC will be held September 19, 2019 at 3 pm at City Hall. Read the full article and other news in the September 2019 Newsletter.

Belle Meade Commissioners Consider Adoption of Conservation Overlay

September 12, 2019

The City of Belle Meade has begun a process to establish a conservation overlay to protect the historic character of this beautiful area. Recent community input has brought attention to the excessive number of teardowns and speculative designs proposed by builders who often sacrifice quality for profit. An overlay would mean all requests for demolitions and new construction within the designated historic zone would be subject to review by an appointed Historic Zoning Commission. Earlier this summer, city officials met seek advice on the necessary steps for creating the overlay. As the State Historic Preservation Office, THC offers free assistance to any local government launching their own preservation initiatives. THC staff advised the city to begin by completing a survey of all the homes in Belle Meade to identify the most historically significant houses, their dates of construction, and architectural styles. The state office also assisted with the drafting of two ordinances that
recently passed upon first reading at the July 17th Belle Meade
City Commission meeting. Read the full article here.

New Regulations For Signs On Private Property

August 7, 2019

At their June meeting, the Commissioners passed Ordinance 2019-3, amending the City’s sign regulations which were outdated and in some cases, unenforceable. While the City desires to protect the natural beauty of its residential neighborhoods from obtrusive and unsightly signs, it cannot prohibit signs altogether. The City does have the ability to regulate the location, purpose and size of signs that are installed on private property, as per Section 14-211 of the City Municipal Code:
• Except as otherwise restricted in this chapter or elsewhere
in the Municipal Code, temporary, freestanding, noncommercial signs may be placed or erected on any lot in any zoning district at any time. This category includes, but is not limited to: real estate signs, political signs, garage sale signs, estate sale signs, baby announcements, lost pet signs, special event signs, banners used for parades, and any other non-commercial messages. Home occupation
or contractor signs shall be considered commercial signs and are not allowed in any district.
• No temporary sign shall be placed in the public rightof-way.
• Temporary signs may not be illuminated and shall not exceed eight (8) square feet in area.
If you have any questions about the new sign regulations, please feel free to contact City Manager Beth Reardon, 615-297-6041 or

Commissioners Taking Action After Citizen Survey Results and Input From Town Hall Meetings

July 23, 2019

Public feedback from the Citizen Survey and the two Town Hall meetings in June gave the Commissioners a wealth of information regarding what is important to our residents. We heard that planning and zoning were high on the list of issues for the Commissioners to address. We appreciate the citizens who participated and gave us their input.
Residents want a long-term master plan developed that will establish a vision for the City and outline a capital plan for improvements. We are currently working on creating a scope of study for this master plan to address safety, walkability & connectivity, traffic calming, beautification, and community branding. We are counting on a lot of community engagement in this process as we look forward to the next 10-20 years. Stay tuned for the call to volunteer!
Zoning issues brought to the Commissioners’ attention included the excessive number of tear-downs and spec builders who often sacrifice quality for profit. The City recently met with Tennessee Historical Commission members to seek input on how to manage this unprecedented real estate growth while maintaining the character of our City. They suggested we complete an inventory of homes in Belle Meade and use this information to create overlay zoning to regulate demolitions and certain characteristics of new construction and alterations. The Commissioners took the first step in this process by introducing legislation at their July 17th meeting:
▪ Ordinance 2019-7…Create the Historic Zoning Commission
▪ Ordinance 2019-8…Authorize the Creation of Historic Overlay Districts
▪ Resolution 2019-04..Creating a Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Demolition Permits
This legislation is the first step in several months of discussion, public input and required public hearings before final legislation is approved. A copy of the Ordinances and Resolution as read and approved on first reading at the July 17th meeting are on the website. We will keep you informed of the progress of these Ordinances and all public hearings and meetings that are scheduled. Please sign up for the monthly newsletter and the email bulletins, so that you will know when things are happening!
As part of the process to inventory and catalog homes in Belle Meade, we have a city staff member, Keith Samol, riding in a City vehicle and stopping to take a picture of each house. Most of the time he can photograph from the vehicle, but occasionally he has to walk onto your property to obtain a photo. There will also be one or two female interns from the Historical Commission who will be assisting Keith in the upcoming weeks. Their vehicle will have the state seal on the side. If you have any concerns about someone taking pictures, please don’t hesitate to call city hall.
ORD 2019-7 Historic Zoning Commission

RESOLUTION 2019-04-Moratorium-Demo Permits

ORD 2019-8 Historic Overlay

Belle Meade Releases The 2019 Citizen Survey Results and Property Tax Presentation

July 22, 2019

The Board of Commissioners hosted public meetings on June 6th and June 11th to discuss the results of the 2019 Citizen Survey and to discuss a proposed 4 cent property tax increase. You can find the presentation and handouts from that meeting below.

Monthly Cost of Service

2019 Citizen Survey and Property Tax Presentation

Roses: Society of Ceres Releases Latest Article

June 12, 2019

Take a stroll through the English countryside as Jill DeBona gives a beautiful explanation into why she gardens in her latest article “Roses”. See this story and more in the June 2019 Newsletter. JUNE 2019 Newsletter

Meeting Reschedule & Public Hearing Legal Notice

June 6, 2019

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Belle Meade for June 2019 is rescheduled to Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 4:00 pm. (Monthly meetings are normally held the third Wednesday of each month.)

Public hearing meetings will be held during the regular Board of Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. at Belle Meade City Hall , 4705 Harding Road, Nashville, for consideration of the following proposed Ordinances, with caption as follows:


Public comments will be accepted at this public hearing. Parties wishing to speak on these issues shall be present at the meeting or submit comments to the Office of the City Manager, 4705 Harding Rd, Nashville TN or via email to on or before the public hearing date and time. Copies of the Ordinances are available for inspection at City Hall during normal business hours, M-F, 8am to 4pm, or by clicking the link below.

ORD. 2019-6 Fix Tax Rate for 2019-20

ORD. 2019-3, Amend Code -Signs.

Cleanwater Nashville Releases May 2019 Update

June 3, 2019

Collaboration by Metro Water Services (MWS) and Metro Parks for improvements at West Park created a premier park in one of Nashville’s most transformative neighborhoods while earning national recognition as a sustainable infrastructure project. Read this article and more HERE.

Belle Meade Police Department Releases 2018 Annual Report

May 29, 2019

This report highlights the many activities of the Belle Meade Police Department during 2018,
as well as crime and traffic statistics. Hopefully it will provide a clear understanding of our
department and the challenges we face. View the report here.

Neighbors of Deer Park Pocket Park Host Annual Picnic

May 14, 2019

Neighbors from Deer Park Drive, Deer Park Circle, and Jackson Boulevard gathered for an annual picnic in Belle Meade’s only pocket park. To read the full article or more Belle Meade news, click here.

Belle Meade Named One of Top 20 Safest Cities in Tennessee

May 9, 2019

BMPD is proud to announce that the City of Belle Meade has been rated number one out of the top 20 safest cities in Tennessee for the second time by, a site that promotes home, auto, family safety and other security matters. The article can be viewed here. Belle Meade has very little internal crime which greatly contributes to us being able to maintain this rating. Credit also goes to our residents that Park Smart, set their alarms and utilize the House Check Services when out of town, and to our Commissioners and City management who promote public safety as a priority and keep the police department appropriately staffed and well equipped. It takes everyone working together to form a safe community.

Society of Ceres Committee On a Mission to Keep Belle Meade Beautiful

April 17, 2019

Society of Ceres Committee, headed up by Laura Katherine Wood, is beginning its mission to keep Belle Meade beautiful. The Committee members recently headed up the Weed Wrangle, a nationwide event where groups volunteer to remove invasive plants.

The Committee will be writing articles in the Belle Meade newsletter and coming up with ideas for beautifcation projects throughout the city.

Read the latest Ceres Society article MARCH_2019_Newsletter.

See a list of Society of Ceres Committee members HERE

Page Road Parking Area in Percy Warner Park officially opens Friday

March 7, 2019

See the press release from Metro Parks HERE.

BMPD runs joint Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Operation with THP

March 4, 2019

Recently the Belle Meade Police Department partnered with the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) to conduct a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement on Lower Jackson Blvd. (between Harding Rd. and Belle Meade Blvd.). The saturation focused on commercial vehicles that utilize Jackson Blvd as a cut-through and were in violation of the 8-ton restriction that this street has in place.

There was only one commercial vehicle that day that was in question of being over the weight limit. The vehicle was stopped for not having company markings on the side of the dump truck. Upon investigation, the driver was found to be in violation of the driver’s license law. He possessed a class DM license, and a class B was required. He was issued a Belle Meade Citation for financial responsibility (insurance) and wrong license for type of vehicle. THP completed an inspection and put the truck out of commission since the driver did not have a valid license. The company was completing work at the corner of Jackson Blvd. and Gerald Place. The driver was required to park the vehicle until the company could send a valid CDL driver to take possession of the vehicle.
The company that owned the vehicle was “Country Boy’s Concrete” located in Nashville, TN.

One other commercial vehicle was stopped on Belle Meade Blvd at Jackson Blvd. The vehicle was not traveling on Jackson Blvd. An inspection of the tires on this dump truck revealed that eight tires did not have sufficient tread. THP elected to put the truck out of service and mandated that the vehicle be parked until eight tires could be delivered to the vehicle by a service company of the driver’s choice. The company that owned the truck is “VT Topsoil” out of Joelton, TN. The company was performing work on Chickering Lane outside of the city limits. The truck was en route to Highway 12 and was using Belle Meade Blvd as a cut through to get to its destination. No Belle Meade citations were issued to the driver.

One speeding violation was observed on a passenger car and a citation was issued at Jackson Blvd at Deer Park Drive. The speed of the violator was 38 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Belle Meade Sgt. Williams drove the THP officers around to show them the boundaries of the City, and the officers were surprised at the number of large commercial vehicles spotted. They conducted an “after actions” briefing with us and felt that most commercial trucks were using Belle Meade Blvd as a cut-through rather than Lower Jackson Blvd. THP suggested that we consider a city wide enforcement campaign in order to be the most effective with our commercial vehicle enforcement. We plan to request their services again to set up enforcement sites at other locations in the City.

Board of Commissioners approve FY 2017-18 Audit Report

February 7, 2019

The Board of Commissioners approved the FY 2017-18 Audited Financial Statements at its December 19, 2018 regularly scheduled meeting. You can view the Audited Financial Statements at the following link : 6-30-18 Belle Meade Tennessee FS issued and Bookmarked

Belle Meade Elected Officials Take Oath of Office, Elect Mayor and Vice Mayor

December 20, 2018

At the regular monthly meeting on November 28, 2018, three Belle Meade elected officials participated in an oath of office ceremony. Family members and supporters filled the
court room at city hall to watch newcomers Louise Bryan and Rusty Moore and incumbent Bob Weigel pledge their oaths.

When the ceremony concluded, the Commissioners elected Jim Hunt as Mayor and Louise Bryan as Vice-Mayor for two-year terms. This is Hunt’s fourth consecutive term as
Mayor and Bryan’s first term, replacing Bob Weigel as Vice Mayor. Cathy Altenbern, who was re-elected in 2016 to a four-year term, nominated both Hunt and Bryan, who were
the only nominations and approved with a unanimous vote. Commissioner Weigel gave much praise and accolades to Mayor Hunt for a job well done over the last six years he
has served as Mayor.

Collier Engineering conducts traffic calming study on Jackson Blvd.

December 11, 2018

In March 2018, Collier Engineering Co., Inc., was engaged to complete a traffic calming study for the section of Jackson Boulevard between Harding Road and Belle Meade Boulevard, which is located in the northwest quadrant of the City of Belle Meade, Tennessee. This memo provides a summary of their analysis and recommendations.

Jackson Boulevard Traffic Calming Memo UPDATED 3-20-18

In November 2018, Collier Engineering Co., Inc., was engaged to look at alternative temporary recommendations due to the increased volume of traffic resulting from the closure of Hillwood Bridge. This memo provides a summary of the amended analysis and recommendations.

Collier Eng.-Jackson Blvd TC Memo Temporary Locations

Newly Elected Commissioners

November 29, 2018

Check out the updated Commissioners page for information on your newly elected Commissioners. The three Commissioners will serve until November 2022. TAKE ME THERE.

Belle Meade to receive road funds from Metro

November 14, 2018

Nashville Metro Council, on November 6, approved a fifteen-year annual payment of $300,000 (two- year phase in and annually adjusted by the CPI), to the City of Belle Meade for road maintenance and associated infrastructure. An amendment to a Memorandum of Understanding between Metro Nashville and Belle Meade executed in 2013, will provide for some services that were originally approved, but never implemented, in the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Charter of 1963. As a result, this annual payment reduces the effect of the Tennessee Hall Tax phase out. See the MOU amendment here.

MOU with Metro -signed copy
Charter of Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Tennessee

November 6, 2018