With the exception of four years in Atlanta, I have spent all of my life in Belle Meade.  Charley and I have built two houses and renovated three, including the current one, while staying married!

Background – Harpeth Hall and Vanderbilt graduate; worked at Lloyd’s of London, Life and Casualty Insurance Company and Northwestern Mutual as an agent, member of the Million Dollar Round Table; Editor, The Orthodontic Directory of the World.  Chaired various charitable events; served on various non-profit boards; past Treasurer, President, The West End Home Foundation; current member of Consortium, group of non-profits charged with granting monies to senior agencies through the state of Tennessee.

City of Belle Meade – Ten years of service, four as Mayor.   Current “oversight” area: Police Department.  As a citizen, I have been before the Board of Zoning Appeals when renovating our homes.

Challenges for the City:

Financial – Historically, Commissioners have been excellent stewards of City finances, earmarking one year of expenses in a “rainy day” fund; this has become important with the loss of Hall Tax funds as we transfer to more dependency on property tax revenue.  We continue to keep expenses low while maintaining a high level of service; ever increasing expenses continue to burden the City each year.

Security – The increase in random violent crimes and burglaries puts pressure on the City to upgrade technology to assist police.  We continue to investigate cost effective systems that maintain personal privacy and maximize the tools available to deter criminals and “find the bad guys”.

Services – The Commissioners continue to work together to find good solutions for problems of citizens, looking as much as possible to the future of the City and its needs.  This often takes compromising for the good of all citizens.